My Majestic Tragedy

from by Calvaire



"It began with a ringing on my phone, & it shook me.
I woke up in a cold sweat, much like days gone past.
Who could it be? What would it mean?
Apprehensive thoughts, it kept lingering.
'Someone had died' they said, & it was tragic.
A recurring disease, came back to haunt him.
To my chagrin, my neck stiffened up.
My body, heavy but lifeless.
I couldn't move my limbs, as I reached out in vexation.
This whole story, reminds me
Of a tragedy, How I should've foreseen.
About a man who lived to tell a tale.
Of how he drank from a poisonous well.
About a man, who drank from a poisonous well"

She came back & brought promise
"when you look at me, I know.
you're everything that I want."
She spoke of a second chance
Let's start over, let me introduce myself
Create new memories & relearn what we already know
The past was non-existent. This is your second chance
The anchor was released. The shackles, it broke free
It was us. Five years that seemed like an eternity
More so for me

I love us. Rekindled, I told her
"& if I see you fall, I'll turn the World on its side, so it catches you."
We held hands, the grip so tight, I could not die
Not even the promise of death from wars
Could destroy what was 'everlasting'
One day I woke up feeling strange, floating
The grip had faltered & it fades
Why would she let go, it was a promise until our deathbed

The gentle rain now pours & the wind blows in the wrong direction
I remember that blissful touch from your hands, but I immediately stop & wept
For 125 Days, I drank from the well, the same one in which I fell
We made a pact worthy of wolves
They sneak behind each other's backs, thinking we're fools

You've ripped my heart out all those years
& now you came back just to break me again
I say "that it's not okay for you to walk into my life & pretend to care, then leave me as if... It was nothing, we were nothing. I was nothing."

I suited up, all black & combed my hair. Perfect in every strand
To pay my last respects for somebody who had died drinking from the poisonous well
I took a glance, & fall back onto my chair
Oh what a dismal tragedy this is
For I am that man, who had died a majestic death
For I am that man. It was me


from On The Heights Of Despair, track released January 23, 2015



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