From here on now, scour everything
From here on now, set in stone
Till Eternity

Bringing forth, this resplendency
Onward I seek the zone of proximity
Making oceans crashing down on me feel painless
It's Innocuous.
For to mend this feeble sluggish soul, I wait with bated breath

Every influence. That you're infallible
Even boundless heaps of riches

I promise to uphold
Thank you
I give you my word

Bringing forth, your will of love
The prayers won’t leave me
These uncertainties, a formality?
Never burden me
For you are my matriarch, congenial ruler of true majesty
Grips on me, the fortunate one, forever blessing

Mounting rage of hate, only momentary
The detesting pull, yet you rise with me
I pale in comparison, with all that you've bestowed me
Seeking refuge from life, working miracles in me
Hopefully, when curtains fall, gratitude.
This is my obligation
Beholden. For this salutary life I live

You gave me heaven
A new meaning
For gracing my life, eloquently
I promise to uphold, I promise to relive
Sacrifices you've yield to make you proud of me

To climb the mountains
We shall ascend
I'll break these barriers with you
Towards infinity


from On The Heights Of Despair, released January 23, 2015



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Iryan. Rudy. Roy. Azfar. Izuan.

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